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Founders and Entrepreneurs - Business Coaching

My background

Entrepreneurship is a long time passion of mine. I started my first business at age 24. I have founded tech startups, joined several startups across industries and also worked for medium and very large companies (Inalfa Industries, KPN, ING, DAF Trucks, Thomson Reuters, Hyundai, Michelin, Fidelity, Scotia Bank, RBC, TD Bank, GHS, KPMG). Combined I have 30 years experience in business.

As a hypnotherapist and business leader I know both sides: the personal and the business. I understand a financial statement and I also understand emotional turbulence. I know what it is like to be in a board meeting, prepare for a customer meeting, design and develop a product, hire and lead a team, run out money, raise funding and everything in between.

My approach

In all these years of experience I have learned two things: 1) all people and situations are unique, 2) success is a result of alignment. Combining these two, the aim is to 1) understand you  and 2) align the business you are building with you. From team to product, marketing, customers to shareholders - for maximum momentum and flow you want it all to 'fit'.



Given my background in psychology and hypnotherapy, I bring tools to the table that empower you personally. Being an entrepreneur and founder is a significant challenge and you will get to know yourself in the process. I will help you navigate that challenge.

Your business

It's your business. You know what you want and how you want it. My aim is to help you clarify your mission, plan and progress. My Executive MBA from Queens University was a team centered education - which I always have made the center of my approach - everything is teamwork - and I approach my coaching just like being part of your team.


Building a business is a process of manifestation. My hypnotherapy background has helped me gain a lot of insight and experience in the process of realizing and manifesting goals. The techniques of visualization, meditation, hypnosis and self-alignment are in my experience the foundation for success and having a healthy balance in life.

Coaching sessions

1-1 coaching sessions to start working on your goals and alignment.

We will discuss what your needs are and determine together what the coaching plan needs to be.

One hour 1-1



Contact me.

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