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How blank is your screen?

In the article The Screenplay and your beliefs I asked the questions: how blank is your screen when you are born, what is imprinted on it once you are born and how does that effect your life today. In Letting go and rewriting we explored how beliefs effect your life today. Now let's look at how blank your screen is when you are born.

If your screen or book of beliefs is not blank at birth, there are some options for how information already entered your book of beliefs before you were even born: was is biologically transferred to your body or energetically transferred to your mind or did it come with you into your body?

The answer to this question very much depends on your belief (of course!).

If you belief that you have one life and that you are your biological body only, then the only option seems to be that you are either very blank at near birth or that your biological parent through genes already wrote something in your book.

If you belief that you have many lives, then it could be that every life starts blank again, or that you get access to parts of or your entire book in each life, passing it along from life to life.

I'm personally not dead yet, so my information is based on hypnosis sessions I underwent myself and I facilitated (and the many cases described by Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon as well as the Near Death Experiences described by Pim van Lommel and others).

Based on that information it is reasonable to at least allow the possibility of us having many lives.

Why care?

This is the thing. Your book of beliefs and all that is in it influences your experiences today. The belief itself about having one or many lives changes your perspective on life and can influence your decision making. All those in favor of genetical heritage will tell you to make decisions based on that: such as removing your entire uterus just because your mother had uterus cancer - not a small decision. What about the belief 'you are just like your father or mother'? Or your grandmother also was depressed, you probably have it from her. It matters what you believe.

Since memories effect and even make (and break) your life and if your life isn't paradise for you yet, you want to read back into your book of beliefs and rewrite some of those stories. If you believe those stories started when you were born, you won't be looking any further back. But, if you believe that you have had many lives, you won't stop there. Just like Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon describe, I have facilitated hypnosis sessions in which people report to remember multiple past lives. Heck, they would even talk about future lives. It has stretched my belief system many times too.

In the absence of those experiences, let's see if there is something to relate to that may indicate you aren't entirely blank when born.

I would point to the very unique qualities and characteristics you and everyone has. It's difficult to see how such talents as composing music the way Mozart did at five years old would come out of a blank sheet in only five years time. Often your qualities can't be traced back to a learning or experience in this life. Further, these talents and abilities often aren't 'in the family'.

Let's say you stand in front of an aquarium with a million fish. You've put on a pair of glasses that allow you to only see the color brown because you believe all fish are brown. The fish in the aquarium have all kinds of colors of which only 20 have to color brown. You see 20 fish.

Believing that you come into live completely blank limits your view. Whether there is more out there or not you may not know, but why assume it until it's proven? Nobody proved that there isn't more out there, that you don't have hundreds of lives. How would someone proof that? Instead we have turned it upside down and have said, if I can't observe it, it doesn't exist. That has been disproved so many times by now, it's is difficult to continue to hold that position. We thought there was one planet. Then many planets. Then one galaxy. Then many galaxies. Then one universe. Then many universes. We thought sand was the smallest particle. Then atoms. Then photons. Then quantum particles. Then...We've been proven wrong so many times, why not look at it from the point of view of possibilities and see what pops up? How many species are on earth we still don't know about? Why dismiss anything if you simply don't know? UFO's don't exist? How do you know? Because you've never seen one? You've never see so many things in your life and yet plenty unproven and unexperienced ideas have entered your believe system anyway. Take off the glasses and see the million fish. Put on the glasses and look at the brown fish. Then change glasses and see all the green fish. You have nothing to lose with opening your perspective. It can only let you see what was unseen.


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