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RTS Transformation Track

Series of 1-1 coaching sessions to learn and master the transformation process to become your true self.


My aim is to teach you how to tap into your own inner sources of manifestation and growth. We dive deep into the process of manifestation and self-realization - to fulfill your life's purpose. Learn, experience and integrate the 5 steps.


5x1 hour online or local sessions.

1 hypnotherapy session (3 hours)



12x1 hour online or local sessions.

3 hypnotherapy sessions (3 hours each)


Contact me.

Coaching sessions

1-1 coaching sessions to start working on knowing, accepting, loving and being your authentic true self.

As a hypnotherapist I am trained in listening. I know the answers are in you and in a coaching session I aim to help you find these.

One hour 1-1



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RTS Transformation Training

5 online sessions to learn the RTS process for manifestation and self-realization in a small group of 8.

  • Create and manifest from the inside out

  • Know how to know what you really want in life

  • Learn to read your sensations, feelings and emotions as roadsigns and signals

  • Learn to tap into your own inner sources of manifestation and growth

  • Know how to stay on track when being challenged

  • Know, be and love yourself more and more and more (and others too!)

5x2 hour online.

8 Participants

1 personal hypnotherapy session (3 hours)


Experience Maker Group

Collaborate and learn for 12 weeks to manifest your goals in a small group of 8. During the week you will be putting it to practice and weekly in a 2 hour online session you will reflect and deepen your understand.

This training is for those who are looking to make changes in life and get better at manifestation / transformation. It's a hands-on program, meaning you will actually start working towards your goals and purpose in life.  In two hour weekly online sessions you will learn, explore and reflect - and in the week in between, you will do, apply and experience. This way, you learn from your experiences and experience the transformation.

Over a period of 12 weeks  you become more of who you truly are meant to be. You will learn to apply the 5 manifestation steps and learn about your life's purpose, reflecting on your experiences, staying on course, active and silent meditation and the trance/hypnosis state. 

Group of 8 participants

12 weeks (2 hours per week - online)


Nederlands or English

Contact me.

What Ra says

Ra is an ancient brilliant source of pure wisdom about human existence and beyond. It will help you understand the underlying design of life and yourself.

Introduction to Ra

Learn about the process of human experience and evolution, who and what you are, purpose of life, the origin of existence, incarnation, polarity, dimensions and practices of growth. These concepts will help you be a more conscious and effective person.

Group of 8 participants

6x2 hours sessions - online


Nederlands or English

Advanced Ra

Learn what Ra says about adepthood (mastery), healing and the archetypes of the mind, body and spirit.

Group of 8 participants

12x2 hours sessions - online


Nederlands or English

Contact me.

Be You.


My specialty and focus is the process of manifestation and self-realization with the aim to be your true self. For what else is the purpose of your life? To fulfill your life's purpose is to express your unique self fully -  to know, accept and love yourself unconditionally. 


When you get stuck in life - you are looking for information and answers - to gain understanding. Information about what your purpose is, what you want in life, why things are the way they are, how life works, who you are, why you feel this way, why your body acts up, how to change and transform aspects of your life - information to make choices. My approach is to teach you how to access and trust your own truth, inner sources and higher self for guidance and insight - because who else knows better who you truly are, what you need and what it is you are here to do? All the answers are within you. We may use some training aids to get initial information, however the intent is that you will find the answers inside of you.


Manifestation, realizing what you desire in life, is so often misunderstood. It involves internal balancing and harmonizing. You might ask: why am I not naturally receiving what I desire life to be? Why am I running into all these challenges? I believe you are right, it should be natural and easy. Most is gained in the flow of creation and manifestation by unblocking. Sometimes the unblocking seems entirely unrelated to your intent. Yet, once unblocked, the magic of life happens and things start to appear in your life seemingly out of nothing. This newly found free flow in you magnetizes your intents.

When it's not as you want it to be.

In my experience, not feeling well or running into challenges and obstacles, stems from not being who you want to be. They are signals that point to your untold stories, unfulfilled desires, unprocessed experiences, unbalanced parts and the potential in you that wants to be expressed. As you have experiences in life, you may get hurt, it may be unsafe, you may be judged, you may accept ideas and believes that are not yours. This tension between your current experience and who you really want to be, may create stress and disharmony in you. This can be healthy tension to help you grow as a person. It can get unhealthy when not being addressed. Your subconscious will escalate the intensity of the signals until they are heard. When you return to your original state of being and discover, accept and love these (new) parts of you, that stress tends to go away and joy arrives instead. My aim is for you to learn how to navigate these storms, return to being your original self, use these catalysts to grow and fulfill your life's purpose - to be yourself. 

The way up and forward.

The way to make this happen in my experience is by becoming aware of what is unaware. I see the most impressive transformations and movement happen when there is a realization or insight about yourself. I call that the AHA-moment. That understanding leads to acceptance, then release, then meaning, then empowerment. You have (re)learned something from an experience. This is how you become more you. Something clicks and resonates with your core, and you know it is true. Your identity shifts. Energy starts to flow again. This gained understanding of your self inspires you to make different choices, and that changes your storyline, sometimes drastically, sometimes it's a fine tuning of the path you are already on. 

What is critical in this process is that you are the one 'doing' it. You are coming to the realizations and insights through self discovery. My role is to hand you the tools and mirrors of self-reflection and inspiration, and be there along side to walk that path together. I don't have any advice to give. I believe and trust in your own sources of truth. Although for some clients this is an unexpected process, soon they discover the power that lies within them - and that's priceless.

RTS Process.

RTS stands for Radical Transformation Steps. This is, in my experience, how you manifest the person you want to be and the experiences you want to have:

  1. I connect: connect with your inner sources (higher self, intuition, whatever you may call it)

  2. I want: know and love your desire: who do you want to be?

  3. I am: self-alignment - be in harmony with who you want to be - gain AHA-insights to balance and harmonize

  4. I experience: experience it - become an observer and director of your experiences in the present moment

  5. And finally: know, accept and love yourself and others unconditionally

We can further explore the more in-depth and advanced evolution process of Ra that goes like this: I want - I create - I receive - I experience - I learn - I transform - I am. This can go even deeper with a 22 parts system at body, mind and spirit level, with Choice playing the central role.

Connect with your inner sources. Feel your truth.

To become aware of what is happening in your life and why, you need to access your subconsciousness. Since my intent is that you learn to tap into this source by your self, you learn ways of getting into a meditative state. This can take many forms and is unique to your own preferences.

What do you want, love and need? Know what you want.

My process always starts with what you desire in life. For me, desire is the driving force behind all that exists. It's the motivation that moves. Even if you currently run into challenges, these challenges are the flip side of a desire in you. So, being yourself is to me being who you want to be. What you really want in life, isn't always clear, and when it does become clear, movement already starts happening.

How to make it happen? Be what you want.

To manifest your desires, you need to become aligned with it: you need to become it - be in harmony with it. Sometimes this is easier said than done. This is the work of cleaning up, sorting out and charging up. There is Will (desire+focus) and Faith involved. And AHA-moments. You will become aware of your sources of stress and what they are telling you, and your sources of joy, and how to keep those at the center of your being. The sure way to manifestation is to know, accept and love yourself. The more balanced and fulfilled you are, the more you can tap into the magic of creative intelligence.

Integration in every day life: Experience what you want.

The AHA-insights you gain in the process set you up for choices aligned with your true self. Then life happens and you may be challenged to stay on track with who you want to be. You will learn how to be an observer and director of your experiences in each present moment. I have discovered a handy trick to maintain centered and focused in challenging situation. Besides taking a breath (really helps), stepping out of the moment (also helps), there is a thought process that can reset you in the moment. Important is also to start really feeling and sensing your self and the energies interacting with you, and reading what those feelings mean. Emotions are very helpful indicators of what you want and don't want. 

Approach/Techniques: Self-discovery.

At the light end of the spectrum we will have an insightful discussion. At the deep end of the spectrum you will enter trance states. I skip all the fancy techniques and instead you learn to use self-discovery using your inner compass, feeling, intuition and higher self.  You learn to use the meditative state to gain insight and get answers. You learn to become an observer of your experiences and direct the present moment toward your intentions, even while in the midst of a tornado - at least that's the goal. When appropriate I can guide you into trance states to experience dimensions and parts of you that you may not remember. We study the wisdom of Ra as it is the most pure teaching source I am aware of. For the rest, I ask questions, I listen, I share, I teach from experience and I learn.

Why it works.

I work with the system and philosophy of Ra. The process works because it aligns with the underlying archetypes of human experience. You could say it is designed this way.

Learning aids.

To learn to connect and trust your inner sources, it can help to have some training wheels such as Tarot, I Ching, Pendulum, Astrology, Tree of Life, NEI, Psychedelics to name a few. These can help you find the direct line with your inner self and as long as that is the intent, they do no harm. However, without the inner-connection these aids can be misleading and shallow and with some training, you can get the answers directly from inside.​ Also, not doing anything with the insight you gained will lead to stagnation. You gotta experience to learn and grow.


  • what it means to be your true self

  • know what you want in life

  • the meaning and origins of your current experiences

  • the meaning of your relationships

  • reflect on your experiences and the role you play in it

  • become aware of your programming

  • how to change your storyline

  • how to manifest your desires

  • use the state of hypnosis/trance for transformation

  • use meditation for contemplation, recharging and connecting

  • learn from sources such as Ra, a source of deep spiritual knowledge

  • explore the big questions of life, purpose, universe and the creation

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